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It's Finally Summer Time!!

Keep you pups cool with regular grooming. If a dog is not regularly groomed and kept free of dead coat and/or matts, their skin can not breath properly and their fur will not be able to properly insulate them from the hot temperatures. 
 Also - make sure you dry your dog well after they have had a swim, otherwise you run the risk of your dog developing hot spots.

Enjoy your summer with your dogs and be safe!!

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We are located in scenic

Mount Uniacke

(902) 717-5638



At Mud Puddle Paws we offer appointment only grooming - so your dog is not here longer than they need to be.

We do not do cage drying. All dogs are dried by hand and monitored during the whole grooming process.
We take the time with your individual dog. If your dog is a senior who has trouble standing for long periods of time, or your dog suffers with grooming anxiety, we will adjust the grooming process to accommodate them.

Our groomer is a Certified Reiki and Reflexology Practitioner and therefore understands the importance of a gentle and calm approach to handling.

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